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Looking for a quick HCC coding knowledge hack?  Use this Quick Guide to identify HCC codes for risk adjustment. Diagnosis coding for value-based payment models is one of the key drivers for innovation in modern healthcare - aligning incentives with care in ways that were only talked about in decades past. However, without appropriate and deep HCC coding knowledge, ... Read more

It has long been thought that the machinery of the US healthcare system is so big, so complex and so established that steering the ship is nearly impossible. However, if we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, we can be nimble when we have to be. Lives were on the line, the nation itself was at stake, and The Indu... Read more

The US healthcare market is leaning in the direction of Full Risk Value-Based Care. While the system is often characterized as a monolith; a massive, unwieldy machine (and as immovable objects go, it is a big one),  that big machine is trending steadily toward full risk value-based care.   The CMS recently reported ... Read more

Full Risk Value-Based Care

As we look forward to the release of ACPLAN’s 2022 Alternative Payment Method report, let’s review data from their previous six annual reports. One clear takeaway is that Value-Based Care payments increasing year over year is a trend that shows no signs of stopping. Trend lines point to the inevitable rise of Full Risk, but slowly - as most of the year-over-year... Read more

The Rise of Risk - HCPLAN APM alternative payment model Framework- Value-Based Care Payments Increasing

Notes and insights from a study published by AJMC on how to change physician behavior. "The authors evaluated methods for implementing clinical research and guidelines, in order to change physician practice patterns, in surgical and general practice. They evaluated the effectiveness of different implementation methods."   And as we have demonstrated through successful behavior change in... Read more

How To Change Physician Behavior

Medicare Advantage Compliance Audits: The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General regularly audits Medicare Advantage contracts and reports out specific diagnosis codes deemed improper. They also report the estimated overpayments associated with the specific diagnosis codes, and recommend repayments.  Below, you'll find all of the specif... Read more

Medicare Advantage Compliance Audits HHS OIG

Excerpts, notes and quotes from the DOJ 2021 Fiscal Year Report

  The DOJ DOJ Healthcare Audits Charged $5 Billion In 2021, according to a recent report. The Department of Justice released an analysis of all False Claims Act settlements and judgments in fiscal year 2021, revealing... Read more

Justice Department’s False Claims Act Settlements and Judgments Against Healthcare Exceed $5 Billion in Fiscal Year 2021

Specificity and accuracy are the keys to any successful Value-Based Care program. And clinical vignettes are a great way to learn.   Five years ago, the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) published a crash course to educate family physicians on HCC coding. To this day, the clinical vignettes from this family physician HCC coding education course... Read more

HCC Coding Education For Family Physicians.png

Requiring clinicians to learn one more thing—especially when HCC coding does not feel connected to treating patients—is a big ask. Expecting them to learn in ways that are both ineffective and profoundly dull is just plain cruel.   Read more

Educating doctors on hcc coding made easy in the DoctusTech app

Excerpts from a study.   Humana’s Chief Medical Officer, William Shrank, MD, MSHS, co-wrote a study in March (published by JAMA)  titled “Analysis of Value-Based Payment and Acute Care Use Among Medicare Advantage Beneficiar... Read more

value-based care full risk model shows lower preventable hospitalizations in recent study_