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Fee-for-service contracts continue to be a challenge for VBC. The pandemic led to a drastic reduction in volumes that impacted FFS contracts revenue ($15B loss due to volume dips).   During the pandemic, organizations with value-based contracts were able to pivot operations to maintain revenue even when the volumes dropp... Read more

Value-Based Care Contracting 101

If you’re a physician group engaging in value-based care arrangements: coding and documentation accuracy should be your top priorities.   Inaction on your part will result in immediate loss of revenue and exposure to heavy audit penalties.   Whether you’re building a program from scratch or already have a program in place, the top five strategies for a successful program incl... Read more

HCC coding stands for hierarchical condition category coding. It is a risk-adjustment coding model exclusively designed for estimating future healthcare costs for patients. The process of HCCs medical coding started in 2004, but it recently gained popularity due to payment models shifting from fee-for-ser... Read more

What is HCC Coding?