A quick reference guide for clinicians. Never miss a common diagnosis!
Hang it above your desk in your clinic or keep it in your pocket as you round in the hospital. A great reminder of diagnoses to think about or ask about. Easy to reference with proven results!

The quick guide will help you:
  • Improve your history taking skills to elicit new HCC diagnoses
  • Better utilize lab data to drive new HCC diagnoses
  • Improve documentation at point-of-care
This FREE guide includes the most common HCCs:
  • Broken down by organ system based on prevalence rates
  • Codes updated to 2021 standards
  • Available in standard flat 8.5x11 and trifold specs
Best practices in using this quick guide:
  • Reference the list during chart prep for a patient visit to remind yourself of questions to ask the patient
  • Review as you write your progress note to improve unique diagnoses based on labs available
  • Deploy to new clinicians to speed up training and education
Expected ROI:
  • 1-2 unique new diagnoses per patient
  • Cut onboarding time by 30%
  • Improve documentation at the point of care reducing coder dependency

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