Looking for a way to make it easy for your clinicians to accurately document HCC codes on every patient within their own EMR? HCC 360 streamlines your workflows by combining all external data sources and presenting information to clinicians as they write their progress notes. We can go live in all major EMRs with very little headaches.

Improve Patient Visits

Get real-time prompts for
questions to ask or labs to consider
based on your patient’s chart.

Automate Chart Review

Our A.I. uses evidenced-based
medicine to translate patients charts
into accurate HCC codes in seconds.

Faster Progress Notes

No more third party portals or
paper suspect codes. We simplify your life
by aggregating all sources right into your EMR.

Maximize Your EHR Investment

Search more than 70 EHR integrations

DoctusTech connects to over 70 different EHR and PM systems to automate patient.
Communication and unlock valuable insights to improve care.


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