DoctusTech Helps: Change Clinician Behaviour

According to the American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC), the least effective method for continuing medical education (CME) for clinicians is distributing printed materials: emails, PDFs, flyers, email blasts, and so on. Many medical professionals believe that clinician education should be concerned with encouraging continuous development rather than simply raising consciousness. What, then, are the most effective strategies for accomplishing the goal of both informing and changing clinician behavior?


The AJMC says that the methods of intervention most commonly deployed in teaching doctors HCC coding are those same methods determined to rarely create lasting change in physician behavior (classroom lectures, emails, PDFs, flyers, email blasts). So most frequently utilized modes of learning are clearly out.


“When you’re seeing patients, you remember the questions, and you remember what you need to ask the patients.” – Dr.  Villaplana-Canals, Florida, DoctusTech App User


Both the AJMC and common sense agree  that active education methods and multifaceted interventions are the most effective when it comes to educating and changing physician behavior. The DoctusTech mobile app provides active education and multifaceted interventions through clinical vignettes. In other words, our app helps you achieve your desired outcomes – as a physician, or as an operator for your physicians. In fact, we provide the most effective intervention methods, demonstrated by consistently better outcomes.




Learning in the app is driven by clinical vignettes, placing clinicians in a real-life patient scenario, presented with symptoms and facts, and then asked questions about diagnosis and documentation, all in an effort to alter the method of diagnosing from the fee-for-service approach most physicians were educated in to a value-based care system, in which chronic conditions are diagnosed in a very specific manner, with an eye to risk and outcomes. By including any and all information about the diagnosis that impacts risk adjustment in the diagnosis, clinicians learn to both diagnose and document those diagnoses with supporting information in the chart.


“The mobile app is wonderful, in that it’s a clinical vignette – it’s what is literally in front of their face, and it gets them thinking.” – Teresa, Director of Clinical Documentation Improvement


For clinicians, behavior change is accomplished through learning in clinical vignettes with the DoctusTech mobile app. Doctors learn more deeply and permanently about diagnostic procedures and proper documentation by sitting through a clinical vignette. The socratic method is a highly regarded teaching tool as well as being one of the most commonly used teaching strategies in medical school. The socratic approach is utilised by medical students as they learn by questioning in clinical vignettes. It is fitting, therefore, that they will gain a new store of knowledge through clinical vignettes.


“It does reinforce for us something that, although most doctors use a problem list, most of the problem lists … ended up being too long, too nonspecific, and very unwieldy to use in the clinic. The training taught me to make sure you have the linkages and causations clearly laid out.” – Dr Joseph Bateman, Medical Director, Christ Hospital, DoctusTech App User


Clinicians can justify the RAF score impact of those diagnoses by supporting them with appropriate documentation that meets the MEET criteria. When there is an audit (When, not If), their charts are proper and in order, and their patients are well cared for.


Rather than diagnosing “diabetes” a DoctusTech educated physician would instead test for complications and diagnose a specific disease condition, accurately reflecting the capitated payments for that person’s care. The behaviour change comes from switching from one ICD-10 code that doesn’t risk adjust to a more specific diagnosis, using a different ICD-10 code that does adjust the risk of that patient and accurately reflects the change in capitated payments for their care.


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