The Risks of Inaccurate HCC Coding: Why it Matters for Your Practice

As a healthcare provider, it’s essential to understand the importance of accurate HCC (Hierarchical Condition Category) coding. HCC codes are used to classify patient conditions, which determines¬† Medicare Advantage payments. Inaccurate HCC coding can have serious consequences for both your practice and your patients.


Inaccurate HCC Coding Impacts Revenue

One of the most significant risks of inaccurate HCC coding is financial loss. When codes are not reported correctly, the capitated payments for your patient care will be lower than they should be. This can have a significant impact on the bottom line of your practice, and it can be difficult to recover lost revenue. Furthermore, practices may also be subject to audits or investigations if it is found that they have submitted inaccurate codes. These can be costly and time-consuming, and often result in fines and penalties.


Inaccurate HCC Coding Impacts Patient Care

Inaccurate HCC coding can also negatively impact the care that your patients receive. The codes are used to identify patients who have complex health conditions, and when codes are not reported accurately, these patients may not receive the additional resources they need. This can result in poorer health outcomes and increased healthcare costs down the line.


Inaccurate HCC Coding Impacts Compliance

Another major risk of inaccurate HCC coding is compliance. If your healthcare providers are not be aware of the latest coding guidelines and regulations, that can lead to coding errors. Inaccurate coding can result in compliance violations and non-compliance with laws and regulations can result in penalties and legal issues.


Inaccurate HCC Coding Is Not Mandatory

In order to mitigate these risks, it’s essential that healthcare providers¬† are trained and stay up-to-date with HCC coding guidelines and regulations. Your organization already invests in education and training for your staff, and you likely use coders and coding software that can help identify coding errors and ensure compliance. But this is not enough.

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Fix Inaccurate HCC Coding With DoctusTech

The DoctusTech HCC coding education app is not only the best way to train clinicians, it is also the only way to measure your clinicians’¬† HCC coding knowledge while they learn. Training in our app helps providers to ensure that they are accurately diagnosing coding patient conditions and maximizing reimbursement.


Mitigate The Impacts Of Inaccurate HCC Coding

Accurate HCC coding is vital for the financial success of your practice, and for ensuring that your patients receive the care they need. Investing in training that really works and using technology tools to help you stay compliant can help you to mitigate the risks of inaccurate HCC coding.


Learn more about the DoctusTech app trains clinicians on more than which code to pick – it teaches them what to look for, what to test, and how to document for RISK in a Value-Based Care arrangement, to ensure that every HCC category is captured and every patient receives care for every condition. And because it is in an app, clinicians can do their training whenever and wherever, in just five minutes a week. And admins have total visibility into clinician engagement, learning progress, retention and growth, so your team will know which clinicians need a little extra coaching.


Stop Missing Diagnoses and HCC Categories

Do you want to stop missing HCC codes, categories and diagnoses? Schedule a demonstration of the DoctusTech app and start on the path to success in VBC. Schedule your demonstration here.

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