HCC Coding is Good For the Country – Live with Dr. Kazi

HCC Coding is Good For the Country – in the next installment of Live with Dr. Kazi, the new video series from Value-Based Care expert, Farshid Kazi, MD – Co-founder of DoctusTech, and passionate advocate for HCC coding and the Quadruple Aim.  In our third episode, Dr. Kazi shares ways in which HCC coding is good for the country.



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I’m Farshid Kazi, co-founder of DoctusTech and an internist by training with a focus on palliative care.
I’ve built my career on population health out in California.
I’m excited to help other physicians looking to take the journey and leap into value-based care.



Levi: All right, we are back with another episode of DoctusTech thought leadership with Dr. Kazi. Hey, Dr. Kazi, how you doing? 


Farshid Kazi, MD: Hey, Levi, doing well. 


Levi: Today, I want you to talk about how, value-based care is generally good for our nation, the United States of America. 


Farshid Kazi, MD: Yeah. The main thing people think about when it comes to healthcare is how do I one have lower premiums each month and have better outcomes.


But at a macro level, when we think about costs of care, that rises for a number of different reasons, but when it comes to value based care, you can solve both the personal side and the macro side. As long as we reinvest into taking care of our patients who are at risk for the highest chronic conditions, we’re going to do better as a country.


And a lot of that stems from giving patients choice and involvement in healthcare, which a hundred percent we stand behind. It doesn’t matter what field of medicine is. But sometimes having a clinician, that’s going to be able to spend a little bit more time to educate you, to teach you about the right definitions and what the decisions you have in front of you will allow you to make One) better decisions for yourself; but Two) more affordable decisions for the country.


And sometimes more is not better. And oftentimes when we think about your loved one, your grandma, your significant other even a child sometimes more is not better. That means tests, surgeries, exams, and a good clinician should be able to guide you through that. So from our country’s perspective, value-based care aligns incentives, performs better. And overall from a country’s perspective, you’ll have better outcomes. 


Levi: Okay, one thing we talk about in the industry is the quadruple aim. And it seems like that is something that the value-based care HCC world can almost in one shot solve. Can you, can you speak to that? 

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Farshid Kazi, MD: Yeah. And I think we’ve broken this up nicely and some of the segments we’ve talked about already, right?


How do we make life better for your patients. So better care for individuals. How do we make a better care for all of the US, which is better population health and do that by lowering costs? I think sometimes the equation misses, and this is where quadruple aim comes in is how do we improve lives and balance for physicians?


So you have better care for patients, better care for the country at large or a population health perspective, better work-life balance for clinicians at lower cost. 


Levi: And how do we fix that? 


Farshid Kazi, MD: Yeah, I think you, you have to start with aligning incentives, right? And so when you think about the categorical shift, that payment happens through fee for service or your traditional model to value based care, where now clinicians are paid for outcomes.


All of a sudden you’ve aligned everything, patient outcomes to physician work-life balance, to lowering costs, and then better care for the population at large.




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