VBC Webinar Rewatch

Value-Based Care: The Top Three Threats To Your Success

With the recent uptick in audits coming out of CMS and new DOJ antitrust and whistleblower cases hitting the news with increasing frequency, health plans aren’t the only ones with cause for concern. Provider groups are under increasing pressure, and a higher level of strict compliance is vital.


In light of these growing threats, Dr. Kazi and the DoctusTech team recently hosted a webinar on the top three things that threaten the success of your VBC program.  


The webinar breaks down threats to your VBC success in three areas:

  • The clinician knowledge gap
  • The workflow gap, and
  • The EMR data gap. 


Dr. Kazi speaks to each area, and shares ways to prepare and protect your organization from increased scrutiny from both CMS and the DOJ. He touches on benchmarks to guide your process, and zooms in on The One Threat that can make or break you.

In the next segment, Dr. Kazi fields questions from the live audience. 


  • What do you see as the major gap in most groups like us?
  • Physician buy-in and engagement. 
  • How to vet “RAF accuracy” vendors?
  • Will RPM expand? (Short answer, yes.)
  • How to protect my organization from innocent mistakes?
  • Should you compensate providers for RAF scores? (No.)
  • Is there a way to securely share information within the medical community?
  • And many more…


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