Palliative Care

We help you find the right patient at the right time

Right Patient - Right Time

Caregivers and clinicians alike can have a tough time recognizing patients as they physically decline. We standardize this by alerting doctors within their EMRs who can benefit from home-based palliative care.

Real Time / Bed Side

Patient engagement in palliative care services on average is 45%. Patient engagement with palliative care services when introduced by their PCP is 75%. We alert your doctors as they write their progress notes to palliative appropriate referrals.

Vendor Accountability

Palliative and hospice vendors are often a black hole for provider groups. Use our platform to identify quality of care for your patients after they enroll in palliative or hospice care.

Contact Us For A Free Data Demo

Having a tough time standardizing palliative care referrals? Is your practice sending referrals way too early or way too late? We can help you pick the right time to refer patients. Use us to plug into your existing palliative care relationships or we can stand one up for you. Reach out so we can talk a little more about why our patient engagement is > 80%.