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Empower and train PCPs, scribes, and hospitalists to improve HCC coding through problem-based learning.


Optimize Documentation At The Point Of Care

Better training

Still sending you clinicians to online or in-person HCC seminars? Let us show you a better way to train your team. Our mobile app provides more effective training with longer retention.

Unique code capture

On average, our users are finding 1 new and accurate unique HCC code per patient through our specific training modules rooted in evidence based medicine.

No IT headaches

No more red tape or clearance from IT as your users can download the app directly from the app store.

Customer Outcomes

DoctusTech app users are seeing immediate results. No IT headaches. Easy to roll-out. Clear ROI in year one.

Get Individualized

Tired of sending your clinicians to HCC seminars and not seeing a change in practice patterns?

Let us show you a better way to train your team.

  • Clinical vignettes
  • Monthly questions based on your personal performance
  • Clinical guidelines improving history taking and preventative testing

14 days. Free.

Test your knowledge against your peers now.

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Learn at your own pace. Work on your own schedule. Receive tailored questions based on your real world performance.

Improve your clinical HCC knowledge



Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet, but we are working on getting your training eligible for CME credit. Expect that soon.

$99 per user per month billed annually for the HCC learning platform.

With the subscription you will:
– Receive monthly updated prompts on learning points customized to your personal skill set
– Full access to proprietary algorithms designed to help you capture unique codes accurately
– Annual benchmarking on your risk adjustment accuracy

No data integration required. You just need to submit your information electronically so we can create a username/password, after which you can simply download the app from the app store.

Absolutely! Many advanced care practitioners, coders, and scribes love the app.